Husqvarna vs Troy Bilt Comparison

In this Troy Bilt vs Husqvarna review, we will try to help you decide which one is better for your particular situation. Anyhow, it only depends on your preferences which will suit better, Troy Bilt or Husqvarna.


We will be talking about some general specifications of similar quality products of these two brands and declare a winner in each round. 

Now, let's learn something about lawnmowers in general.

First of all, riding lawn mowers are gas-powered lawn mowers, usually 4-wheeled, with seat and control panel to drive and navigate from. They are self-propelled machines that require much less effort as you do not have to manually push it, which is the case with walk-behind mowers.

Moreover, they usually have variable speed, which you can adjust if you wish to go slower or faster. They are cordless, but anyhow, there is a possibility of an electric start if you are having struggles with gas start.

More about both of these brands


This Swedish manufacturer is headquartered in Stockholm with a long history of making lawn mowers. Originally, this brand exists since 1689, but in the lawn mowers world, they have entered in the first half of 20th century. 

The company now produces various outdoor products, including lawn mowers. With the long-time experience, they have become one of the best lawn mower manufacturers on the market.

One of the best Husqvarna representatives is Husqvarna RZ5424, and for the purposes of this review, we will use that model. 

Troy Bilt

MTD Products is an American manufacturer of outdoor equipment who acquired Troy Bilt over the years. Founded in 1932, this company has gathered a lot of experience in the field of outdoor equipment. 

Today, Troy Bilt has reached the top of the market in the brief period. They are well-known by the comfort of the lawn mowers. 

One of the best representative models is Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP Lawn Tractor.

Now, let's see who wins between these two well-known top-notch brands. For the purposes of this review, we will take Husqvarna RZ5424 model and Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP Lawn Tractor.

Husqvarna vs Troy Bilt

First of all, there are few specifications that we should compare. Some of them we have already mentioned. Now let’s see where the difference is between these two. 


Now, there are few things that can affect the overall performance of these lawn mowers. Furthermore, both of them are (in general) gas-powered, self-propelled, with a variable speed, cordless, and with an electric start. 

Now there is a difference when it comes to so-called blade brake. Troy Bilt does not have that option, unlike Husqvarna. Husqvarna can stop the blade while the engine is still working. 

Furthermore, there is a difference in cutting width. In most of the cases, Troy Bilt has a bit wider cutting width. That means fewer passes while cutting, and less gas usage.


When it comes to mulching, Husqvarna has well-known mulching power, cutting grass on the fine, small pieces and leaving them on the ground to fulfill fertilizing role. Troy Bilt has no such thing. 

Moreover, both, Husqvarna and Troy Bilt have good speed of mowing. The weight difference is Husqvarna’s advantage. Generally, that is not a big difference, few pounds more or less.  

In this round, we may say that the winner is Husqvarna by slight advantage in the mulching area.

Other than that, Troy Bilt has shown his strength in cutting width, which is a great advantage of this brand. 


It is a common mistake that comfort of riding lawn mowers does not matter. Think about that twice if you are in some wet, fast-growing vegetation area that requires a lot of time for mowing grass. 

When it comes to the comfort of these two brands, they are both well-known for that feature.

Anyhow, Troy Bilt has a bit bigger vehicle with an easy height-adjustment. You will find both of these brands really comfortable but this small difference goes to Troy’s advantage. 

We may conclude that Troy is the winner of this round. 

Durability, reliability, repair, and maintenance

Anyhow, these brands have shown great durability. They are both made out of the finest materials which will increase the durability by a lot. 

They both have steel deck, so hitting a stone will only make a dent rather than fracturing. Anyhow, repairing these things sometimes might cost a fortune. Therefore, invest a bit more into high-quality lawn mower rather than repairing some low budget mower. 

When it comes to this matter, they both have shown similar statistic about breaking after the 4th year. It is approximately around 32%. Anyhow, the repair should not cost a lot. Maintenance is

mediocre, with a standard amount of investment. 

This round we may call a draw since they both are great quality products. 

Price and overall value

Now, when it comes to a price of these products, taking similar quality models and comparing them shows us that Husqvarna requires a bit more investing. Anyhow, the value you get from both of these brands is simply speaking- more than worth. 

Therefore, we may say that the winner in this round is Husqvarna. You will pay a bit more, but the overall value goes into Husqvarna’s advantage. 


In the light of everything that we previously said, there are several moments that need to be highlighted. 

First of all, in the matter of performance, there is a significant difference between these two models. Husqvarna has so-called blade brake, which allows it to stop blade while the engine is still running. Furthermore, Husqvarna has great mulching performance. On the other hand, Troy Bilt has enormous cutting width.

Secondly, on the field of comfort, there is no bigger difference. In general, Troy Bilt is a bit bigger vehicle with a height-adjustment seat. 

Finally, maintenance of these two brands is standard. It does not cost much. Both brands have similar reliability, statistically speaking. Therefore, the durability of these products is something both brands can be proud.

All in all, we hope that we made this hard choice a bit easier for you. 

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