Troy Bilt vs Cub Cadet Comparison

In this Troy Bilt vs cub cadet short review, we will try to answer who prevails between these two brands. Both brands offer high-quality products, but the question is: who is better?

Now, in order to decide and be fully sure, we need to take one represent from each of these 2 brands and compare them by their differences and overall performance. We will point out some of the common things that these models have and those differences in order to give you a wider picture. 

First of all, let’s learn a bit more about each brand.

Troy Bilt

It all started in 1937 when Troy Bilt launched the first rototiller out there. With that innovative product, fame and glory of Troy Bilt never stopped spreading. Along with that, Troy Bilt has got into producing riding lawn mowers. Ever since that, Troy Bilt has proven its quality in the world of riding lawn mowers.

Nowadays, Troy Bilt is one of the biggest manufacturers when it comes to riding lawn mowers. For the purposes of this review, we will take Troy-Bilt 26HP 54” Super Bronco XP Garden Tractor and compare it to the Cub Cadet’s finest.

xp model

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet is one of the biggest riding lawn mower manufacturers nowadays. It’s an American company and one of the biggest global exporters of riding lawn mowers. The production started in 1960 and the first mower is well-known by its name- the Original. Now, with a serious amount of products, Cub Cadet is reasonably on top of the market. 

For the purposes of this review, we will take Cub Cadet XT3 GSX and compare it to the Troy Bilt’s finest.

Troy Bilt vs Cub Cadet

Common things

First of all, both of these riding lawn mowers are gas powered with electric start. They have variable speed and are self-propelled. That means you will invest much less effort in pushing it forward. 

Furthermore, with mulching feature these riding lawn mowers have, the grass will be cut into fine pieces, fertilizing the ground. 

Secondly, both models are cordless and obtain rotary mower. That means they cut with a vertically rotating sharp blade. These blades do not require much maintenance and are also cheaper than cylinder mowers. 

Moreover, these models have headlights and you can mow your lawn even in bad light conditions. Also, both models are durable with a steel deck which is more immune to a stone strike than the usual deck. 

Finally, they have so-called side discharge for fertilizing the ground. 

The main difference between Troy Bilt and Cub Cadet


  • Cutting width

Anyhow, both of these models are well-known as riding lawn mowers with great cutting width. There are only a few centimeters difference but not that significant to put one model over another. 

  • OVH system for greater power and economical fuel usage

Moreover, Cub Cadet has an OVH which ensures more power and saves fuel on the admiring level. On the other hand, Troy Bilt has no such option.

  • Cylinder numbers

Furthermore, when it comes to power, a number of cylinders are a great indicator. Therefore, Cub Cadet has 2 cylinders comparing to Troy Bilt’s one. Clearly, in this one, Cub Cadet prevails. 

  • Turn radius and maneuver

Also, Troy Bilt has smaller turn radius which enables it to do an easier U-turn and better maneuver. This way you won't need much effort to turn around and mow in a different direction. Clearly, this one goes into Troy’s favor. 

  • Fuel Tank

Moreover, Troy Bilt has much bigger fuel tank than Cub Cadet. That means much less time wasted on refill. Regarding this matter, Troy Bilt wins. 

  • Horsepower

Anyway, a great indicator of the power is horsepower. Therefore, Cub Cadet has a bit better horsepower with 18 HP comparing to Troy’s 17 HP. But does it really make a difference that one HP? Namely, it can affect the speed but not that significantly to leverage into Cub Cadet’s favor. Therefore, in this matter, these two brands are tie. 

  • Pivot

Moreover, there is a so-called option- pivot. Cub Cadet has this feature which allows the machine to raise and adapt front wheels, enabling better and easier maneuver. 

  • Comfort

One of the most important things is a comfort. Anyway, in some rainy regions, you might spend more than 50 hours on your riding lawn mower a season. Therefore, Troy Bilt might be a bit comfier than Cub Cadet. It has great, comfortable high-back seat and handy control panel. 

  • Price, overall value, maintenance, and reliability

Now, when it comes to the price and overall value, Cub Cadet is a bit more expensive but on the other hand, keep in mind that there is a whole maintenance process that might be a bit cheaper with Cub Cadet rather than with Troy Bilt. 

Anyhow, when buying these lawnmowers, keep in mind that they are complex machines with a lot of possibilities and potential breaks. Repair sometimes might be stressing and cost a fortune. 

Therefore, better invest a bit more into high-quality riding lawn mower and prevent these unnecessary costs of repair.


As we previously said, there are several important moments when deciding which one you should buy. 

First of all, it depends only on your preferences whether you wish to have a machine with OVH (on Cub Cadet), or bigger tank fuel. Cub Cadet is a really powerful machine with more cylinders, a bit more (but not significantly more) horsepower and so-called pivot. 

On the other hand, there is Troy Bilt with a bit more comfortable seat and control panel, bigger tank fuel, and better turn radius and maneuver. 

Anyhow, Cub Cadet is a bit pricey, but on the other side, maintenance and repair costs of Cub Cadet are much smaller. Also, Cub Cadet shows great reliability and a small percentage of breaking. 

All in all, we hope that this Troy Bilt vs cub cadet review made the extremely difficult choice a bit easier.

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