Toro vs Cub Cadet Comparison

In this toro vs cub cadet short review, we will try to answer which one prevails. Considering the value and overall performance of models that these brands offer, we may conclude that these are some of the best manufacturers out there. 


With a tradition of more than 100 years, Toro has acquired great respect and trust of its users. Along with riding lawn mowers, Toro is well-known for snow removal machinery and water-saving system devices (irrigation). 

Anyhow, at the beginning Toro was cooperating with some other bigger American companies in the matter of supplying tractor engines. Nowadays, Toro is independent manufacturer and distributor of its own products. 

Furthermore, for the purposes of this review, we will take one of the best-valued Toro’s riding lawn mowers (42" (107 cm) TimeCutter® SS4200 (74711)) and compare it to Cub Cadet’s finest. 

Cub Cadet

As an American manufacturer, Cub Cadet has proven great quality throughout 50 years of existence. With a wide network of independent dealers, this brand has spread all over the world.

Started in Kentucky, as a small manufacturer of outdoor equipment, they have built an empire of quality and top-notch products.

Their most famous model is so-called the Original, which happened to be their first model as well. It had 7 horsepower, creeper gear, round fenders, and headlights for bad light conditions. 

Now, for the purposes of this review, we will take one of the best representatives (Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding Mower) and compare it to Toro’s finest. 


xt1 model

Toro vs Cub Cadet

Common features

Simply speaking, there are few features that are common to these 2 models. They are both cordless, gas-powered riding lawn mowers working on an electric start.  Furthermore, they are similar in the matter of cutting width. Both models have around 42” wide cutting deck and a great turning radius. 

Also, both of these models obtain twin-blade cutting deck which provides better performance and clean cut. 

Biggest differences

Speed mode

First of all, both brands obtain great horsepower and amazing features regarding the speed. Toro has a system which enables you to choose one of 3 different speeds- tow, mow, or trim in order to achieve the optimal performance to your liking. 

Secondly, of great importance is the speed of riding lawn mower. It will drastically decrease the time you spend mowing your field. Slight advantage in that matter has Cub Cadet with a bit faster and

stronger machine. 

Mulching power system

Simply speaking, the mulching system is one of the most important features one riding lawn mower could have. Namely, the mulching system will chop the grass into fine pieces and fertilize the ground with it. That way, you will keep your lawn healthy and it will recover more easily. 

Therefore, in this matter, we may conclude that Cub Cadet slightly prevails.


Regarding this matter, Cub Cadet is well-known for its comfy high-back mower seat, and handy control panel. Anyway, keep in mind that comfort should be a high-priority feature. Sometimes, in the rainy areas, you might spend over 60 hours in one single season. With low comfort seat that might be a pain in the back, literary. 

On the other hand, Toro provides a lot more space for your legs and guarantees that you won’t be left with a stiff back. 

Cutting performance

Generally speaking, both models have great cutting performance. They are using advanced and redesigned cutting system great for any occasion and every weather condition. Anyhow, it is hard to decide which one ensures better cutting quality since it depends on multiple factors, such as grass, weather, and terrain conditions. 


One of the biggest differences, which can be spotted from the far is the way of controlling and mowing these riding lawn mowers. Namely, on XT1 series there is a regular controlling wheel which can be found on most of the riding lawn mowers, while Toro has a bit more advanced system of controlling and mowing. It is using new, advanced, and more comfortable lever system. 

Fuel tank capacity

Moreover, what you need to think about is fuel tank capacity, since you won’t waste much time in refilling it with bigger tank capacity. Therefore, there is a slight advantage on the side of Cub Cadet’s riding lawn mower model. 

Price, value, maintenance, and repair cost

Furthermore, there is a slight difference in price of these two brands. Namely, for Toro’s model, you are going to need a bit more investment, but on the other hand, you need to keep in mind overall value, maintenance, and repair cost as well. 

Anyhow, sometimes it is better to invest a bit more from the start, rather than wasting saved money on repair of lower quality riding lawn mower. Now, keep in mind that there is some percentage leverage of breaking after the fourth year on the side of Cub Cadet. 

Therefore, researches have shown that Cub Cadet is more reliable and breaks in less than (around) 25% of cases in first 4 years of usage compared to 32% in Toro’s riding lawn mowers. 


In the light of everything that we previously said about these two riding lawn mowers, we may conclude that both models have their strengths and weaknesses. 

Regarding that, we can conclude that in the matter of speed and features that come with, Toro slightly prevails over Cub Cadet. On the other hand, Cub Cadet is a bit faster, and mulches grass with better quality. 

Secondly, considering the comfort, Cub Cadet has comfortable seat and control panel while Toro is a bit more space for your legs. Also, when it comes to fuel tank capacity, there is a slight advantage of Cub Cadet’s model. 

All in all, both of these models are top-notch and are paying great value for the cash.

We hope that this cub cadet vs toro review made an extremely hard choice a bit easier for you. 

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