The Best Lawn Mowers For Lower Budget

Which cheap lawn mower to buy? Here you can find the best value lawn mowers under $400 to under $200 in categories like self propelled, electric and push.

Finding a lawn mower that is both easy to use as well as durable can be a difficult task when you’re on a budget, however, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice ease-of-use or quality in order to save up money. With hundreds of manufacturers coming up with new models each year, finding the one that suits you best is a matter of doing a bit of research and establishing what you need from the lawn mower.

We have sifted through the most popular products on the market and have selected the ones that offer the best quality for the money. However, before looking at the models, you will have to determine what you are looking for in one of these devices.

Before Buying a Cheap Lawn Mower

Before making a purchase, it is usually better to consider how you will use the device. Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

  • How large is your lawn? – If you do not have a large yard, there is really no use in getting an electric push mower. Manual ones can get the job done just as quickly and are usually much more durable than their electric counterparts, however, using them can be more tiresome, especially on a hot summer day;
  • What kind of vegetation do you need to cut? – Self-propelled lawn mowers are usually only useful when it comes to actually cutting the lawn, however, if you also want to trim hedges, you will get more use out of an electric model that can also act as a trimmer;
  • Is the area leveled? – While it may not seem relevant, taking this factor into consideration can make a world of difference, mainly due to the fact that not all models can be easily adjusted. If the area that you want to mow is not leveled, make sure to go for a product that comes with multiple height settings, so that you will be able to cut grass without worrying that rocks will get caught between the blades and destroy them. This applies to both self-propelled models as well as electric ones;
  • Maintenance costs – Manual models tend to be easier to maintain due to the fact that their blades can be simply taken out and sharpened. On the opposite pole, there are electric and self-propelled models that require specialized tools in order to perform the same task, and there are even a few products that may need entirely new blades after a certain amount of use;
  • How much are you willing to spend? – It is important to set a budget before looking to choose a product. This way you will have set your priorities in terms of what you want from a model and you won’t be tempted to go overboard when making a purchase;

Once you go through these tips, you should be ready to look for a lawn mower that truly suits your needs. In order to make things easier, we have taken a look at the most popular ones that are currently available on the market and have selected the top lawn mowers for those who are on a budget:


Best Lawn Mowers Under $400

There are a lot of great choices in terms of lawn mowers that are under $400. While these are not necessarily from large brands, they are praised tools among those who take part in Best Lawn competitions, and also among professionals who use them on a daily basis. One such example is the Cub Cadet SC300hw Lawn Mower, which is one of the most powerful and durable models on the market.


There are many advantages to owning gas or electric self-propelled lawn mowers in this price range. If your budget can support them, you will find that they come with a large number of bells and whistles that can make your job a lot easier, such as 2-in-1 blades, blade removal tools, and blade sharpening kits.

Husqvarna 22 Inch Briggs & Stratton Engine - Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower Under 400 2019

Price: $399.99

Husqvarna has been around for quite a while and has cemented its reputation as one of the top lawn mower manufacturers in the US. This model is more suited for large yards as it requires no effort at all to use. This having been said, using it does require a bit of getting used to, mainly due to the fact that it does not do so good of a job on steep inclines of over 30 degrees.



  • Powerful Engine – The Briggs & Stratton is powerful enough to ensure great traction on any kind of terrain;
  • All-wheel technology – Each of the four wheels of the device offers equal traction, ensuring that it can be used on bumpy terrain;
  • 3-in-1 cutting system – The model is equipped with an advanced, highly customizable blade assembly that is able to cut any type of grass, on several types of terrain and at almost any length;


  • Tends to clog – If not emptied regularly, the waste bag can get clogged up, requiring that you completely stop the lawn mower, properly empty the bag and then start it up again;
  • The cutting deck is very flexible – The cutting deck can flex when the lawn mower moves over extremely bumpy terrain, causing it to hit the blades. In time, this can dull the blades to the point where they either need to be sharpened or completely replaced;


WORX WG960 20-inch 40V(5.0Ah) WG751 Cordless Lawn Mower 

PRICE: $379.99

Considered to be one of the best products of this type, the WORX WG960 offers an astounding amount of freedom and durability, regardless of how demanding the task may be. The lawn mower comes with two 20V Li-ion batteries that enable you to forget about running extension cords across the yard or worry about running out of gas.


  • Dual-port Charger – The lawn mower comes with a charger that can feed power from both batteries at the same time;
  • Intellicut function – The device can increase or decrease torque, depending on the terrain requirements, in order to save power;
  • Included blower – The product also comes with a blower that is compatible with the batteries of the lawn mower;
  • Easy to adjust – The cutting height can be set using just one easy-to-reach lever;


  • Pricey – While being extremely durable and powerful, the WG960 is one of the more expensive products of this type, even when considering the included leaf blower;
  • Difficult to use on overgrown lawns – The model doesn’t do great with grass that is longer than 6 inches, and may require you to stop the mower and shake it before restarting it;

Best Lawn Mowers Under $300

For $300 you can easily get a mid-range lawn mower that still retains some premium features, such as cordless operation, additional batteries, and folding designs. This having been said, a smaller budget will allow you to get a smaller lawn mower, however, this does not mean that you have to go for one that offers fewer functions or has a lower build quality.


In terms of functional design, both self-propelled and electric lawn mowers can be found in this price range. Here are some of the best that we have tested so far:


WORX WG958 14-inch 40V (4.0AH) WG779 Cordless Lawn MowerBest electric lawn mower of 2019

Price: $299.99

WORX also offers a 14-inch model, that comes with a lower price tag, despite the fact that it retains all the features of its more expensive counterparts. The WG958 comes with two Li-ion batteries and a bonus leaf blower. The model is great for smaller yards, regardless of the type of terrain. The durable construction of the frame does not wobble when pushing the lawn mower over bumpy terrain.


  • Two batteries – The lawn mower comes with two rechargeable Li-ion batteries that can power it for up to 60 minutes. The included leaf blower is also compatible with the batteries;
  • Intellicut system – The Intellicut function allows the device to increase or reduce torque depending on use, in order to preserve battery life. This is done automatically and does not require any kind of user input;
  • Easy to adjust – The height can be adjusted using only one extremely accessible lever;
  • Included leaf blower – The included leaf blower is easy to use and powerful enough to blow away all the cut grass that doesn’t get thrown into the lawn mower’s bag;



  • Now useful for large spaces – While the small form-factor of the lawn mower may not necessarily be a problem when it comes to larger yards, the fact that the batteries only last for an hour is;
  • Leaf blower and lawn mower share batteries – The fact that the lawn mower uses the same batteries as the leaf blower can make it difficult to use one right after the other. The batteries usually have to little charge left in order to power the other device in order to clean things up;


Lawn-Boy 17732 21-Inch Rear Drive MowerBest self-propelled lawn mower under 300 2019

Price: $272.79

Lawn-Boy is becoming increasingly popular among lawn care businesses and is one of the top products on The mid-range solution offered by the manufacturer is 17732 21-Inch 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler

Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, a device that offers great durability and precise control. The model comes with a large number of features that are usually found in more expensive products, such as recoil and auto choke, that make it much easier to start it up.


  • Powerful 149cc Kohler motor – The motor is more than enough to offer great traction on any kind of terrain, regardless of incline or how bumpy it is;
  • 3in1 design – The lawn mower comes with rear and side discharge capabilities, as well as mulching, making it ideal for any kind of situation;
  • Large rear wheels – The model comes with 11-inch rear wheels that offer great stability on uneven terrain;
  • Front-wheel drive – All the traction is offered by the front wheels, making the lawn mower much more maneuverable than its rear-wheel-drive counterparts;



  • No 4-wheel drive – While maneuverable, there are models in this price range that offer 4-wheel drive;


Best Lawn Mowers Under $200

Having a $200 budget does not mean that you will be stuck with cheaply built, inefficient lawn mowers. There are actually several great options in this budget range, and, while they may not have all the bells and whistles that their more expensive counterparts may have, they can get the job done just as easily.


One of the biggest disadvantages when it comes to $200 lawn mowers is the fact that they are not cordless, however, if this does not bother you, there aren’t many things that the premium ones can do and the cheaper ones can’t. We’ve tested the more popular models that are currently available and have selected only the ones that are sturdy enough to last for at least a couple of years and drive well on any type of terrain. Here are our top pics:


BLACK+DECKER BEMW472BH 10 Amp 15" Electric Lawn MowerBest push lawn mower 2019

PRICE: $122.72

The Black+Decker BEMW472BH is a durable electric lawn mower that features a powerful 10 amp electric motor. It comes with durable winged blades that ensure that no clippings are left behind. Furthermore, the collection bag is large and does not tear easily. One of the features that truly makes is a pleasure to use is the fact that it comes with a push-button start system.


  • Push-start – The motor can be started with a simple push of a button, enabling anyone to use the lawn mower, without much effort;
  • Specially designed blades – The winged blades are designed to increase clipping collection, ensuring that little to no clean-up is required after mowing the lawn;
  • Several height adjustments – The model comes with 6 height adjustments that range from 1 to 3 inches;
  • Durable, rugged wheels – Both the front as well as the rear wheels are very resilient and have a great grip on any kind of terrain, even when the soil is wet;


  • Extension cord required – Those who have large lawns may need to use one or two extension cords in order to reach every spot;
  • Inaccurate cut size indicator – The lever that sets the cut size does not lock and can jump out of position if the lawn mower is lifted off the ground or bumped into an object;

Greenworks 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

PRICE: $149.99

One of the more affordable models on the market, the 16-inch model from Greenworks does not sacrifice features in order to compensate for its lower price tag. The lawn mower comes with a side discharge chute, a rear collection bag, and mulching capabilities, as well as a 7-position adjustment lever that can help you easily cut the lawn.


  • Durable cutting deck – The 2-inch cutting deck is made entirely out of steel and does not wobble on uneven terrain;
  • Foldable handles – Once the job is done, the model can be easily folded up in order to be stored in a shed;
  • Large wheels – The 7-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear ones make it easy to handle on bumpy terrain and in overgrown lawns;


  • Does not do great with high-moisture grass – Wide-bladed grass can sometimes clog the machine, requiring the owners to stop and shake it until it unclogs or empty it before resuming;

Consider These Facts Before a Purchase

The products above are popular among both lawn care company professionals as well as homeowners. Regardless of budget, they offer great quality for what they are worth, however, in order to ensure that you get the most out of your chosen product, it is extremely important to make sure that you take what you need from it into consideration.

Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers

Battery-powered electric models tend to be more expensive than ones that have a power cord, however, they are easier to use when you have to cut the lawn further away from an outlet. This having been said, the batteries on these usually last for around 60 minutes, so if the job will take longer, then you will have to wait until they are recharged.

Gas-Powered Self-Propelled Models

Gas-powered lawn mowers resolve the issue of having to work quickly, before the batteries discharge completely, however, running them is more costly due to having to constantly fill the gas tank. They are also slightly more difficult to repair when the motor breaks down.

Cord-Powered Push Lawn Mowers

Batteries have a certain lifespan and gas can be expensive at times, and this can make these models impractical for those who are not willing to spend a lot of money on one of these products. Lawnmowers that have a power cord, tend to be more reliable in the long run, from this point of view, however, they are more difficult to use in larger spaces or when there are a lot of obstacles around.

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