The Best Lawn Mower Brands You Should Consider

There are brands that make better quality equipment than others in terms of durability and design. One thing that every homeowner looking for a lawnmower should consider is the brand of the mower. This is what will determine even the accessibility of the spare parts in case of a breakdown. Sometimes best lawn mowers under $400 category can be found only at one particular brand.

After determining which type of lawn mower you are looking for the next thing to check out for is their brand. There are various lawn mowers like riding lawn mower, push lawn mowers, self-propelled mowers, electric mowers, reel mowers, robotic lawnmowers, and even zero-turn-radius lawnmowers. All these are manufactured by various brands which make them vary in their prices.

Best Lawn Mower Brands


Honda is well-known for its quality manufacturing of self-propelled mowers and pushes lawnmowers. This makes it an outstanding brand in the market and consequently makes pricey equipment. Most homeowners have been using the Honda brand because of its durable and high-performance equipment. Its lawn mower is usually equipped with twin blades which ensure very precise cuts. They have high-performing and quality engine that make one of the best brands to most homes.


This brand is well-known for its ZTR mowers. However, it also produces self-propelled mowers and pushes mowers. The mowers from this brand have been designed to cut very wide paths which makes mowing faster even in large tracks of a lawn. They come with adjustable speeds, storage, and electric ignition buttons. Most of its brands have lap bar steering for easier maneuvering. You definitely need a lawnmower that can adjust to your needs and complete your job without any hassles.

John Deere

This is another best lawn mower brand that is found in most homes. This company is well-established in this field following its many years of being in this area. John Deere has been in operation for almost two centuries since the mid-1800s. Every lawn mower from this company is known for its handle-ability, high-quality cuts, and great performance.

Besides, they are durable. John Deere is great in producing both commercial mowers and residential mowers. Their mowers are also suitable to most homeowners who want mowers that can accommodate attachments. If you want to aerate, water, fertilize, clean or do any other lawn care practices, you will need lawnmowers from John Deere. 


This manufacturing company is known for its stylistic designs in its lawnmowers. Whether you are looking for standard ride-on, push mower, self-propelled lawnmowers, and other types, be sure Husqvarna has them. Its models are built to last longer while still efficient and effective in its operations. However, its tools are a bit expensive.


If you are looking for a brand that is renowned for making quality tools and most of the lawn equipment you got Craftsman. Most of its products can be found at Ace Hardware.


A good brand is usually determined by the quality of the equipment it releases to its customers. The durability of the equipment is also a great feature of most great brands. Most of the above brands will give reasonable warranties for their equipment that covers various defects.

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