Is It Better To Hire Professionals To Mow Your Lawn?

The price of lawn mowing depends on several factors, from the lawn care company that you choose and the area that needs to be covered, to the type of grass that you have and obstacles that must be taken into consideration. It might be better to buy the best lawn mower under $300 one time and be done with it? Well, read the article and judge yourself.

Generally speaking, the average cost of lawn mowing is of around $135. However, more than just trimming is included in the price. Companies typically offer bundles of services that include but are not limited to, cutting, weeding, trimming, and pesticide dispersion. There are even companies who can do landscaping and trim hedges and edge lawns using bricks or stone. This can be a one-time thing (but the effects will not last for long), or a weekly or monthly process. 

Those looking to reduce the cost of these services may be able to do so by supplying their own pesticides and diagnosing lawn issues before hiring a professional company.

Is it cheaper and more practical to mow your own lawn?

This depends on what you need to do in order to fix up your lawn. There isn’t much equipment required for mowing lawn. Here are the main things that you will need, with the average prices of each:

  • Lawn Mower - $200
  • Leaf blower - $100
  • Pesticide dispenser - $80
  • Gas, electricity, and pesticides – depends on the region

Overall, the equipment alone can total around $400. While you only have to buy it once, it can still be a substantial investment, especially when considering the fact that you will have to personally put in all the work in order to get the job done.

Hiring a lawn care company is usually the way to go if you have a very large area that you need to cover, however, those looking to simply take care of their front lawn will find that it is cheaper to do it themselves and to only call in the professionals for pesticide dispersion.

Consider what kind of lawn you have if mowing it yourself

While it may not seem like much, there is quite a bit of knowledge that goes into lawn care. Professionals have years of experience that help them understand what kind of tools to use for certain jobs and how to resolve various issues that you may not even notice.

If you want to take care of your lawn without help, start by looking at what kind of blade the grass has, what kind of weeds tend to grow on your lawn and research the best course of action. Although the average cost of lawn mowing done by a professional may not seem high when looking at what goes into it, if you have a small area that needs to be taken care of, it is better to do it yourself.

Invest in a quality lawn mower and leaf blower and they will last for several years, making the long-term costs relatively small. If you don’t mind putting in all the work, then taking care your own lawn is definitely the way to go.

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