How to Assess Your Lawn Mower Worth?

If you ask yourself a question how much is my mower worth you are in the right place, read on!

Getting the best value of your lawn mower can be difficult especially in our current generation where most people don’t trust used machines. However, if you can do a little research and have some pointers, you can eventually find a buyer of your lawnmower. 

According to research done by the, around 40% of lawn mower owners usually have a problem with their new mowers in the fourth year. When selling your mower it is very important to place yourself in the shoes of the buyer and have a realistic price of the machine especially if you have been having it for years.

Used Lawn Mower Value

The value of your mower is usually determined by the buyers who are interested. Knowing what the buyer looks at could be one of the keys to having your lawn mower sell at a higher price. A used lawn mower value will depend on the following factors: 

  1. Availability - if used lawn mowers are more available in your town or state, the prices will tend to go down. The demand and supply are major factors that determine the value of your mower.
  2. The time of the year - you must be strategic when it comes to selling your mower. If you are selling your mower after the mowing season or during winter, be sure its prices will be low. The best time to sell your mower is at the onset of the mowing season.
  3. Depreciation - of course, every machine undergoes wear and tear. If the mower has been experiencing some technical problems, then it means its costs will be low. However, the rate of depreciation usually depends on the brand of the mower and the period it has been in use.
  4. Location and brand - some regions are used to a certain brand and selling a different brand in that region may result in low prices. 
  5. Condition of the mower - of course, this is one factor that the buyer is highly interested in. The buyer will test whether the engine is working, the working condition of the tires, the transmission strength, the operating condition of the bearings, the oil records, the blades of the mower, and safety guards. For you to answer the question of how much is my lawn mower worth, you must ensure that its condition is intact. You can increase the value of your mower by doing simple things that will thrill the buyer.

How to Increase the Value of your Mower?

You can make your mower more valuable by:

  • Replacing any missing guard
  • Applying a protectant on the seats, pads, tires, and instrument panels. This will make it look newer
  • Use a degreaser and clean your mower properly. When cleaning doesn’t spray water into the spindles and pulleys else they may become weak and tear.
  • Spray some OEM paint on any scratched part - never sell it to the buyer when it has some scratched patches.


You can determine the value of your used mower by making it look new. You can always post your mower on various social media platforms to know the value many people are willing to buy. If you sell it at the end of the mowing season then you might sell it cheaply. 

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