How To Make a Lawn Mower Fast

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Most of the people that own a riding lawn mower are actually wondering how to make a lawnmower fast enough so they can mow their lawn faster. Basically, you can save a lot of time if your lawn mower is fast and powerful to get the job done correctly. Literally, everybody wants to get their chores as fast as possible and therefore, the process of how to make a lawn mower faster is definitely going to help many people. 

Now, in this short guide on how to make a lawn mower fast, we will explain widely all the important things you need to know in order to know how to make a lawn mower faster. Let’s begin.

Important Steps you need to follow 

In order to learn how to make a lawn mower faster or how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster, all you need to do is follow these next few steps. Keep in mind that all these steps need to be done correctly and in right order otherwise, you won't accomplish the wanted results and learn how to make a lawn mower faster.

1) Step 1 – Prepare your machine

In the first step, you need to prepare your machine in order to work on it and learn how to make a lawn mower faster. Now, you need to remove the housing that is bolted over the flywheel. You can achieve that by using a proper size wrench in order to unscrew the bolts that are located on the housing. 

Be patient and work slowly, it is always better to spend some more time than to break something or damage the machine in any way.

2) Step 2 – Get right into it

Now, all you need to do in this step on how to make a riding mower faster is to unscrew the bolt that is located at the end of the governor. Then, make sure to remove the nut which you will previously find as a white plastic flap. Next, remove the governor and reinstall the nut. 

In order to do that, you need to unhook the springs that are connected to the governor and connect them to the carburetor linkage.

3) Step 3 – Bolt it back

The most important thing to do in step 3 is to bolt the housing back and put it over the flywheel. Now, you can do this in lots of different ways. Every choice you mane is fine as long as you don’t damage the machine or the housing. We suggest that you do this carefully and with patience since there is no need to hurry and risk that something will be broken.

Also, the crucial thing in this step is to remember the whole pattern you did and exactly the same moves you made since that is going to help you later.

4) Step 4 – The analyze process

Most of the people find this step actually a little bit hard to do, but don’t worry, we will explain bit by bit how to make a riding mower faster so you can profit from it. Let’s see now. First, you need to analyze the muffler just to make sure that it is sealed right directly to the exhaust hole. 

Why is that important? Well, if there happens to be a gap between the muffler and the gasket as well as the exhaust port, your engine will start losing the horsepower and back pressure which is definitely something that you don’t want in order to learn how to make a riding mower faster. 

5) Step 5 – Unscrew some more

Now, after you successfully completed all of the previous steps, you need to unscrew the air filter next. You can find this air filter on the top of the riding mower engine and use a proper wrench to unscrew it correctly. Next, in order to get your lawn mower fast, you need to replace the air filter and provide the engine to get maximum airflow with the clean filter.

Basically, all you need to do here is to replace the right thing and you are good to go to the next step and definitely learn how to make a riding mower faster without any complications.

6) Step 6 – Add some power/fuel

Step 5 was the main step in preparing the machine for this moment. Now, all you need to do is to add a high octane gas in the gas tank of the riding lawn mower machine that you want to make faster. Since there are a two different octane types of gas that are usable in this situation, we recommend getting the 92octane because it will last longer and provide more power and speed for your lawnmower.

If you did all the things correctly, you could now advance to the last step of the how to make a lawn mower faster instruction guide.

7) Step 7 – Make sure everything is ok

This step is not that important, but on the other hand, you need to make sure that everything is in the right place after you are done working on the machine. First, check the housing and clean your lawn mower a little bit. Second, check the fuel tank. Third, and the most important, check if every screw is tight and is in the correct place.

You are good to go now and enjoy the faster riding lawn mower machine now. Do your lawn mowing with joy now since you have learned how to make a lawn mower faster.


As we already said, the process of making and learning how to make a lawn mower faster is definitely going to help you do your lawn mowing chores faster and with more fun. We can only add now that you can’t go wrong with this instruction guide since there is no risk of getting something damaged or broken.

All you need to do is to follow this guide slowly and correctly, and you won’t have any complications learning how to make a lawn mower faster in no time.

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