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Most of the people actually don’t know how to cut grass with a riding mower properly. Luckily, we are here to explain everything you need to know about the main subject here, and that is how to use riding lawn mower in general.

First, we will start with some simple explanations so we can advance further to the steps and overall discussion on how to cut grass with a riding mower. Let’s get into it.

Take this into Consideration

Now, before we start explaining how to cut grass with a riding mower perfectly, you need to check if everything is in its place. Simply speaking, lots of things affect the quality of the lawn, let’s see all those things.

The terrain

If you have an even and well-balanced lawn, then you won’t be facing any complications in the process of mowing. On the other hand, if you happen to have some uneven terrain or with just a little bit obstacles, we strongly recommend that you get the proper riding lawn mower that is specially designed to withstand all those problems and perform greatly on even the most demanding jobs.

The time 

Keep in mind that mowing the lawn with the riding lawn mower is actually a sort of relaxing hobby for lots of people. Therefore, it is recommendable to mow slowly and with patience. In any case, you need to take some time out of your daily life to mow a lawn properly.

The accessories

Lots of high-quality riding lawn mowers actually have some of the most convenient accessories. If you happen to own some of them, use them the more you can. You can always get that clean and green lawn without troubles with a little help of accessories.

Furthermore, we can conclude that everything you need to know about how to cut grass with a riding mower properly is some basic stuff that everyone is familiar with. But now, we will be discussing the most efficient ways of how to cut grass with a riding mower. Let’s begin.

1) Know the pattern

If you have the regular pattern that you repeat ever time, then your grass will look healthier and better for sure. Now, the most important thing to know here is to avoid cutting the grass when the sun is too strong or when the grass is wet. In both scenarios, you will damage the grass and lawn mower. 

Repeat the pattern and you will do just fine. Your pattern is not supposed to be strict or repeated every single time but stick to it.

2) Pick the right setting

First of all, there are lots of different settings for your riding lawn mower. Now, if you want your grass and lawn to look fabulous, you need to pick the right setting in order to learn how to cut grass with a riding mower. 

We strongly recommend that you pick the highest possible position that you can adjust for the cutting blades on your riding lawn mower in order to get the high-quality lawn and beautiful grass. 

This is because the grass will grow more if you cut it whole, but on the other side, if you cut like 1/3 of the grass, you will get the wanted result.

3) Choose the correct time

As we already said, mowing in the high afternoon or when the grass is wet is actually damaging the grass and the law. You can always mow the lawn in the morning when the sun is not that strong and the grass is fresh but not wet. 

This will actually help a lot if you follow that pattern every time and stick to it. The grass will then get the right treatment and you will have the most beautiful backyard. Also, don’t forget to water your lawn, that is crucial when it comes to the appearance of the grass.

4) Keep the blades sharp

One of the most important things, when it comes to the learning of how to cut grass with a riding mower, is to know when your blades are not sharp. The sharpening of the blades is really important since you want your grass to be cut, not pulled and ripped to pieces. 

Mowing with the sharpened blades is actually a lot more efficient since you don’t need to go back and forth every single time. Ensure that the blades are sharp and they will do all the work.

5) Don’t turn so often

You need to cut down on sudden turns with your riding lawn mower. Otherwise, you will find your lawn basically butchered. Those unwanted sudden turns can actually harm the lawn a lot. Simply because you make a sudden turn, you will ride over the parts that are already cut and the weight of the machine will somehow crush them.

But, on the other hand, if you make long and circle patterns, your lawn will be looking like a fresh cut grass that actually it is.

6) Don’t move so often

If you repeat the mowing so often, your grass will be dying slowly. The most recommendable time is to mow every two weeks. That way, the grass will have much-needed time to grow and to heal after your mowing process.

On the other hand, don’t let the grass grow in a big messy lawn because you will have to work twice as hard to mow that stage of the grass growth.  


All in all, if you stick to our recommendations on how to cut grass with a riding mower properly, you will probably have the wanted lawn and the fresh and good-looking grass. Make sure to follow all these steps correctly, and be patient about your lawn, you will get to the point where it will look perfect. 

Anyhow, we really hope that this instruction guide did help you and that you learned how to cut grass with a riding mower properly. 

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