Factors to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower

Every homeowner who is mindful of the aesthetic of his compound must have a piece of equipment that will make his lawn more attractive. The search for the best cheap lawn mower has never been easy having in mind the many counterfeits in our markets. You can make your lawn mowing experience easier if you purchase a quality and efficient mower.

You don’t have to hire a professional landscaper if you have the right equipment. Most of the lawn mowers will cost you a couple of hundred dollars while others can be pricey with a price tag of a few thousand dollars. 

The style you pick, features it contains, and where you buy will highly determine how deep you will dig into your wallet. Nowadays you can easily buy lawn mower online or go to a physical outlet. If you are to buy online, be sure of the brand and the genuineness of the online outlet. 

Before Purchasing Your Mower:

Your lawn size

You cannot afford to ignore the size of your lawn. Some people have acres of lawn and fields which they need to mow. It is always advisable to only buy a pushing lawn mower if you are mowing half an acre or less. If you are dealing with such a large field ensure you use a riding mower that will make it easier for you to navigate around. 

Its power supply

Lawn mowers come in various ways of supplying power and styles like push mowers, riding mowers, self-propelled mowers, and robotic mowers. They can either use gas, electricity or manually operated. Electric lawnmowers can be corded or cordless. Of course, the cost of electric mowers is higher than that which is manually operated. Mowers that use gas can use petrol or diesel in their operation. The best place to buy lawn mower still remains a physical outlet where you can test your mower before purchasing.


This is also a very important factor to consider because of the accessibility of the spare parts. This will also determine the cost. Some quality brands are generally costly because of the machine’s durability. 


Always stick to your budget. However, you don’t have to buy a less expensive mower that will start breaking down after some few days of operation. There are genuine outlets where to buy cheap lawn mowers is not a hassle. Nevertheless, always ensure you don’t compromise quality over price. 

Features and design

These cosmetics usually determine the price of your mower. A mower tractor will be costly compared to a pushed self-propelled mower. You need to consider the deck size which eventually dictates how wide the blades will be. Bigger decks means bigger blades and faster mowing. 


You can find the best lawn mower if you do the necessary research. You need to consider the terrain of your yard because some mowers can do better in rough terrains than others. Check at the storage place of the grass clippings. Some come with side-discharges while others with a bagger.

The latter tends to be expensive because they come collecting all the grass clippings. Look for a riding mower in which you can attach multiple attachments like rakes, fertilizer spreaders, watering carts, lawn rollers, and lawn aerators. 

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