Craftsman vs John Deere Comparison

We will try to figure out which one is better in this craftsman vs john deere short review. These brands are top-notch brands with a long time of experience in producing riding lawn mowers, and declaring which one is better might save you some energy researching and trying to figure it out. 

Nowadays, buying riding lawn mower is a big thing. Therefore, we will try to point out some of the most important characteristics of these 2 brands and why will you not regret buying any of these. 


Primarily, as part of a bigger company, Craftsman has launched its first product around 1925. Registered as a trademark 2 years later, Craftsman has grown big ever since. Today it’s shoulder by shoulder with some of the biggest companies. 

Other than riding lawn mowers, Craftsman is manufacturing various type of outdoor equipment. Anyhow, they have shown great quality manufacturing riding lawn mowers, and now, we will take of their representatives and compare it to John Deere’s finest. 

One of the best-valued Craftsman’s machine is Craftsman 24 HP 46" riding mower (Model No. 27042)

John Deere

As one of the leading companies among riding lawn mower manufacturers, John Deere has gotten into top 105 in the well-known Fortune’s 500 ranking for America. When it comes to global ranking, John Deere takes 407th place. These admiring results are the product of hard work during past few centuries. 

It all started around 1837 when young John Deere entered the steel saw business. Nowadays, John Deere produces an enormous number of outdoor equipment, including riding lawn mowers. 

Anyhow, the best representative of John Deere is John Deere D170 lawn tractor. We will compare it to Craftsman’s finest and try to declare the winner. 

d170 model

Craftsman vs John Deere

Cutting deck width

There is a significant difference regarding cutting deck width. Moreover, John Deere D170 has one of the widest cutting decks out there. With 56” of steel, John Deere will cut faster than Craftsman’s 46” cutting deck. 

This is of great importance to the speed of mowing and in relation to that gas, your energy, and time. Therefore, the winner of this round is clearly John Deere. 

The number of cutting blades

When it comes to overall quality of mowing, of great importance is a number of blades. Regarding this matter, John Deere has 3 blades comparing to 2 blades of Craftsman’s model. Needless to say, John Deere prevails in this round as well.


Now, when it comes to the power of the machine, there is a slight difference between these two models. Again, this one goes into John Deere’s favor since D170 has 2 horsepower more (26 HP) over the Craftsman’s model (24 HP). 

Stability and safety

Anyhow, with great power comes big responsibility. Yes, John Deere has more horsepower and mows faster, but on the other hand, Craftsman has a better stability and in relation to that safety. 


Simply speaking, both models deliver great comfort. They have high positioned super comfy seat and easily reachable control panel from it. Never the less, by our humble opinion Craftsman prevails in this one due to a slight advantage in overall comfort. 

Height cutting adjustments

Now, this is one serious difference that goes into Craftsman favor. Craftsman has 12 different cutting positions. Why is this important? It is because while cutting, the best possible height for the grass to be mowed is on 2/3 of regular height. That way, grass will easily recover and show its

beauty after a short period.

Clearly, this round goes into Craftsman’s favor. 

Fuel tank size

Having a bigger fuel tank is time-saving. Regarding this matter, Craftsman has a bit bigger fuel tank in which can fit up to 3 gallons of gasoline. On the other hand, John Deere can fit only 2.4 gallons of gasoline. Therefore, you will waste a bit less time on refilling with Craftsman's machine.

Reverse speed mowing

This amazing feature to mow while going reverse is what both models have. Now, there is a slight difference in the speed of that mowing which goes into John Deere’s favor. It can go up to 3.2 miles per hour comparing to 3 miles per hour of Craftsman’s model. Now, this is just a slight difference and declaring a winner won’t be necessary.

Price range, value, maintenance, and repair

There is a big difference in price of these two models. John Deere belongs to an expensive price point category while Craftsman is in an affordable one. Never the less, they both pay great value for the price. 

We can surely say that statistically speaking, John Deere has fewer cases of breaking before the fourth year than Craftsman. Keep in mind that repairing these machines might cost a fortune sometimes. Therefore, it’s better to invest sometimes a bit more money into the machine rather than fixing it later. 

When it comes to maintenance, you will pay regular costs to do it. Every often you should change oil and some parts and there is no big difference when it comes to these two models. 

All in all, both models pay great value for the price. 


As we may see in this craftsman vs john deere review, there are some differences that can really make a difference when deciding which one you should buy. It only depends what characteristics do you prefer in a riding lawn mower. 

Therefore, if you are more into cutting width, a number of cutting blades, or a horsepower, you will be interested in John Deere. On the other hand, if you prefer fuel tank capacity, comfort, or height cutting adjustment, you will go with Craftsman. Both models will provide great quality of mowing and a similar speed cutting your lawn. 

Anyhow, both models are more than worth having, and we hope that this craftsman vs john deere short review made this incredibly hard choice easier for you. 

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