Craftsman vs Husqvarna Comparison

One of the most common questions is which brand is better- Craftsman or Husqvarna. In this short Craftsman vs Husqvarna review, we will try to answer that question by comparing some of the best models and machines that these brands can offer. 

Anyhow, buying a riding lawn mower is not something you do every day, so it’s of high importance to think before act. In this review, we will try to point out some things that you might like to know before buying a riding lawn mower. 


Craftsman is manufacturing a line of handy tools, riding lawn mowers and outdoor equipment. They were primarily a part of a bigger brand called Sears, but nowadays, they are completely independent and producing some of the best riding lawn mowers out there. Craftsman’s trademark was registered in 1927. 

One of the best representatives coming from Craftsman is 24 HP 46" riding mower (Model No. 27042).


Husqvarna is well-known Swedish company with an experience of more than 325 years. The company grew ever since then and nowadays has taken a big part on the market and in a riding lawn mowers world. 

Anyway, Husqvarna Group is what we are more interested in since they are manufacturing outdoor power equipment. Production of the lawn mowers started almost 100 years ago, while in a wide range of outdoor equipment production there was a first robotic type of lawn mowers 40 years ago. 

Anyhow, for the purposes of this review, we will use Husqvarna 24 HP 52" G Tractor Mower (Model No. TH52XLS).


Craftsman vs Husqvarna

First of all, there are some common things that these brands offer. They are both cordless riding lawn mowers gas-powered with an electric start. Both machines have 24 horsepower and a similar speed of mowing. These models have 2 cylinders as well and a high positioned seat. 

Anyway, both brands have double, steel cutting deck which mows with great quality. 

Now, let’s see the difference between these two remarkable models. 

Cutting width

First of all, there is a slight difference regarding cutting width. This is actually of a great importance since the bigger cutting width will require much less mowing. Once you mow it, it is done. Therefore, Husqvarna has 52” cutting width comparing to 46” of Craftsman’s model. 

Cleary the winner of this round is Husqvarna. 

Cutting Positions

This feature might be one of the most important. Anyhow, it is recommended to mow your lawn at a certain height, because it will provide a healthier growth of the grass. When it comes to cutting positions, Craftsman is a clear winner since it offers 12 different height positions from one inch to 4 inches. 

Fuel capacity

There is a big difference referring to a fuel tank capacity. Husqvarna can fit 4 gallons of gas comparing to 3 gallons of Craftsman's tank. Therefore, with Husqvarna, you will be able to mow much more without stopping. That saves a lot of time and energy.

Clearly, Husqvarna is the winner of this round. 

Cutting in reverse speed

Anyhow, there is a feature on Husqvarna model to cut grass while going in reverse. The maximum reverse speed is up to 2.1 mph. On the other side, Craftsman has a bit faster reverse speed, going up to 3 mph. 

We may conclude that this round definitely belongs to a Craftsman’s model.


Regarding this matter, we may say that both models offer a super comfy seat. Anyway, considering the overall comfort which models provide, we may conclude that Husqvarna prevails in this one. It has better control panel- easier to navigate through it from the seat. Also, it has Vinyl seat which secures a bit of advantage on this field. 

Cutting performance

Now, even though both models have a dual cutting blade made of steel, they cut with different quality. Regarding this matter, considering the side-discharge system, mulching system, and the mowing quality after you get off the mower, we may conclude that Husqvarna offers a bit better cutting performance.

Price, overall value, repair, and maintenance

First of all, maintenance of both models is standard- it doesn’t cost much, even though it requires a change of filters and oil very often. Anyhow, the repair is whole other thing. It, of course, depends on a problem, but there are certain parts that statistically are breaking more than others. 

Therefore, researches shown that Husqvarna model has less chance of breaking after fourth year comparing to Craftsman’s model. 

Now, there is a difference in price between these two models. Husqvarna belongs to an expensive price point category, while Craftsman is in an affordable price point category. Never the less, this review is all about overall value and quality of these machines. Even though it might be pricey or cheaper, doesn’t mean these models don’t pay great value for the price.

Namely, we chose these two just because we think that they are some of the best-valued models from each of these brands. There are cheaper and pricier models, but in our humble opinion, their value is not even close to these 2. 


Now, regarding everything that we previously said in this Craftsman vs Husqvarna short review, there are a couple of things that really make a difference between these two. 

First of all, there is a slight difference in cutting width. Husqvarna has a bit bigger cutting width.

Secondly, there is a difference in cutting positions. On this field Craftsman is a clear winner with 12 different positions. 

Moreover, regarding fuel capacity, Husqvarna has a bit more space in its tank with 4 gallons that can fit. When it comes to a mowing speed, Craftsman can mow a bit faster. 

Now, keep in mind that all of these differences are slight and that neither can make one model definitely better than another one. It only depends on your own preferences which characteristic will prevail.

All in all, we hope that we made your choice easier with this Craftsman vs Husqvarna short review. 

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