Best Lawn Tractor Engines Compared

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Most of the people look for engine types and specifications when they want to get the best lawn tractor. Now, there are lots of different types and models of engines and all of them are good in their own way. But, some of them are better when it comes to the overall performance and power of the lawn tractor.

Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about lawn tractor engines in order to get the right one. Let’s begin.

Best Lawn Tractor Engines – Our picks

In order to present you with the needed information, we will simply list some of the best lawn tractor engines and talk about their specifications and extra features. You will be able to tell the difference between them and choose the one that fits you the best.

1) Briggs and Stratton engines

The most famous and probably the most reliable lawn tractor engines come from a line of Briggs and Stratton products. Now, what makes Briggs and Stratton's engines so good? Is it the horsepower? Or maybe the overall size and torque? Well, if you combine everything that one engine has to have in one product, you will get something similar to the Briggs and Stratton engine.


Simply speaking, these engines are not only powerful, but also, they are capable of performing more than well even on the most demanding jobs. Anyhow, their specifications are probably one of the best and the most equipped with extra features engines. Also, the maintaining process of Briggs and Stratton engines is not that hard and they don’t require any extra effort.

Never the less, you are probably wondering which lawn tractors are equipped with Briggs and Stratton engines. Well, we can say for sure that the Husqvarna, Craftsman, and Poulan lawn tractors are compatible with Briggs and Stratton engines beside the Briggs and Stratton lawn tractors.

All in all, this type of engines are definitely worth the money but they don’t come cheap at all, so if you decide to get the Briggs and Stratton engine, be ready to pay a top dollar.

2) Kohler engines

As we all know, Kohler is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to the engines and their specifications. Namely, this top-class brand name is capable of delivering the most powerful lawn mowing experience through their engines. Also, you won't be disappointed with their overall performance and quality in general. Anyhow, most of the companies that make lawn tractors like Husqvarna, Poulan, and John Deere are equipping their products with this type of engines.

Now, what makes this exact type of engines so good? Well, their capability of storing more than 25 horsepower units is actually making them pretty powerful and long-lasting. Never the less, with this type of engines you can’t possibly go wrong. But, on the other hand, if you own a lawn tractor that we didn’t mention above, it might not be compatible with these engines.

Furthermore, we can conclude that Kohler engines are one of the most valuable and probably the most trust-worthy engines out there. With everything they have to offer, you will be definitely benefiting a lot. However, they don’t come so cheap. Most of the Kohler engines are in the upper bracket of the ‘’affordable’’ price point category which makes them even more valuable. They don’t actually cost a fortune, but, you will probably need to spend a top dollar on them.

3) Honda engines

Honda is the well-known company that makes more than just good engines. This Japanese manufacturer is capable of providing much-needed stability and ensuring you with the top-class quality. Now, when it comes to the compatibility of the Honda engines, we can say for sure that most of the lawn tractor's manufacturers are choosing Honda engines as their first pick. The famous 

Husqvarna, Poulan, and well-known John Deere are actually equipping their lawn tractors with the Honda engines.

On the other hand, if one of these manufacturers isn't equipping their products with Honda engines, Honda engines still remain a desirable model for their own engine types. As for the power and overall quality, we can say that Honda engines are packing so much heat with their massive horsepower units. On the other hand, the maintaining process is still not a big deal and it doesn't require much effort.

All in all, Honda engines are possibly the most valuable engines because they don’t actually cost much but they provide so much for the user.

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The most valuable and definitely one of the best mower engine comes from a Briggs and Stratton engines. Why may you ask? Well, this type of engines is actually made for lawn tractors and lawn mowers. They are performing more than well in this field, and their performance is out of the roof.  

Briggs and Stratton's engines are definitely worth every penny and they will never fail you in any way. If you want to get the best lawn tractor, look for the Briggs and Stratton engines in your lawn tractor. You can't possibly go wrong with them and you will be able to benefit a lot.

All in all, Briggs and Stratton engines are specially made for lawn tractors which makes them the most suitable and convenient choice here.


As we already said above, all of these engines are good in their own way. Therefore, you just need to know your preferences and you will choose the one that will be the most suitable for you. All in all, they are all valuable and worth the money. Anyhow, we suggest you to get the Briggs and Stratton engines since they are specially made for lawn tractors and lawn mowers.

Now, it is only up to you to see and to know what engine to get. We have presented everything you need to know about these exact type of engines, and you can’t go wrong with any of them for sure.

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