The 7 Best Baggers For Riding Lawn Mowers

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Most of the people use lawn mower bags as a tool to help them clean their lawn after they mow it. Namely, the lawn mower bags are specially designed assets that are easily attachable to almost any lawn mower and they come quite handy if you don’t like cleaning grass leftovers.

With lawn mower bags you will definitely be able to save a lot of time and energy in order to get the most beautiful and perfectly clean lawn. Now, let’s see everything that you need to know about getting a good lawn mower bagger for you.

Consider these things before you choose a lawn mower bagger

First of all, we will simply list some of the most important things you need to take into consideration in order to get the most suitable lawn mower bagger for you. Let’s see.

1) Size of your lawn

Determining the size of your lawn is a crucial thing to know and to take into consideration when you are thinking about buying a lawn mower bagger. Now, if you have a big lawn, you will definitely have to get up and empty the bagger a couple of times. This means that when you start mowing, you will have to take some time to clean the bagger after it fills up.

Therefore, you need to make a couple of ‘’breaks’’ in order to clean the bagger and go mowing again.

2) The wetness of the grass

Being able to mow your lawn when the grass is wet is something that only a few lawn mowers can offer. In the same light, there are some types of lawn mower baggers that are also capable of performing well when the grass is wet.

But, having a totally wet grass can be a pain even for the best lawn mower and lawn mower bagger. Therefore, it is totally recommendable to cut your grass when it isn’t wet or at least when it’s a little bit wet.

Why is this important? Well, the grass is heavier and gets stickier when it gets wet. This means that you will have to put extra effort in order to get the best quality of the cut grass. Imagine having to lift the full bagger with the grass being wet inside. Well, that is just something that you don’t want to do unless you want to get sweaty.

Never the less, there are lots of types of lawn mower baggers which can perform well even if the grass is wet, but in order to get the wanted results, you probably need to mow your lawn when the grass is not wet.

3) The capacity of the bagger

Simply speaking, most of the people look for the capacity of the lawn mower bagger when they want to get one. Well, they are not wrong. It is definitely recommendable to get the bigger capacity lawn mower baggers because that way you don’t need to clean it often. Anyhow, having a big lawn mower bagger can be a pain as well.

You will need to lift the grass bagger with the big capacity after it gets full of grass, and that is something that isn’t that easy to do. 

Never the less, this thing to consider is in a tight relation to the size of your lawn just because of the grass that is going to be in the bag. Namely, if you have a big lawn, we recommend you to get the smaller capacity bagger since you will definitely need to get up and clean it.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller lawn, then it is only normal to get the bigger capacity bagger since you can mow all in one sitting and clean the bagger afterward only one time.

4) Consider the materials of the bagger

Namely, there are lots of different types of lawn mower baggers and all of them are made out of some different materials. All you need to remember is to get the right lawn mower bagger that is made out of the top-quality materials which will suit your lawn mower and conditions.

There are some pretty durable and strong baggers and they tend to be heavy and bulky. Therefore, we recommend getting them only if your lawn mower has the same qualities. 

On the other hand, there are some baggers that are made out of the nylon and plastic that can be easily attachable and used with almost any type of lawn mower. With them, you really can’t go wrong, but, they don’t last long like those made out of the stronger materials. 

5) Accessories, extra features, and convenience of the bagger

There are lots of different features and extra accessories when it comes to the top-quality lawn mower baggers. Namely, lots of them are made to be easily attachable and detachable which comes quite handy for those who have big lawns and need to take baggers off and on constantly. 

Also, you need to have in mind the assembly factor of the bagger. Some baggers have quite complicated and definitely hard assemble process while other baggers are easily made to work perfectly. 

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Now, we will list some of the best lawn mower bagger brands and say something more about them.

1) Craftsman 42-inch riding mower bagger


Craftsman 42-inch riding mower bagger is made out of the finest materials and it definitely helps a lot when it comes to the lawn mowing. Now, this bagger is equipped with two soft bin grass catchers and it definitely excels in performance well.

Anyhow, this bagger is easily attachable and it has everything important with it like manual and warranty. You can’t possibly go wrong with this one if you own a craftsman lawn mower.


  • Splendid performance.
  • Easily attachable.
  • Great for any type of craftsman lawn mowers.


  • It gets dirty easily.

2) Husqvarna bagger 46

Husqvarna bagger 46 is equipped with two bin ply lawn waste bags that are suitable for any garden tractor or lawn mower that comes from a line of Husqvarna products. This bagger includes a mounting bracket and it is compatible with other brand name lawn mowers. 

Also, it excels in every field of performance when it comes to the collecting grass after the lawn mower process.


  • Mount Bracket comes included.
  • Compatible with lots of lawn mowers.
  • Made out of the poly materials.


  • A rubber seal on the bin is a little bit loose.

3) Husqvarna 54 inch bagger

Husqvarna 54 inch bagger has a three-bin and 9-bushel bags that are durable and long-lasting. The easy-glide feature allows you to install this bagger easily and use it without any complications. 

Also, there is a full bag indicator that alarms you when the bagger is full which comes pretty handy if you mow constantly.


  • Easy-glide feature.
  • Solid capacity.
  • Easy dumping features.


  • An angle of the lower shoot is not that convenient.

4) Troy Bilt 30 inch riding mower bagger

Troy Bilt 30 inch riding mower bagger is definitely going to make your lawn mowing experience better. Namely, with the 3.25-bushel capacity and 2 vented nylon bags, you will be able to clean up all the grass easily.

Anyhow, this bagger is compatible with lots of other types of lawn mowers and lawn tractors on the market.


  • Great capacity of 3.25.
  • 2 nylon bags, hood, chute, and counter-weight equipped.
  • Great performance.


  • Not that easy to clean and attach. 

5) Troy Bilt tb30r bagger

Troy Bilt tb30r bagger is a great tool to have if you have troy blit lawn mowers. This bagger is equipped with two nylon bags, hood, chute, and other important things.

Also, the capacity is 3.25 bushel which means that you don’t need to empty this bagger constantly.


  • Compatible with many lawn mowers.
  • Great for the quick and easy mowing.
  • Great capacity and extra features.


  • Handles on the bags are not that durable.

6) Craftsman YT 3000 bagger

Craftsman YT 3000 bagger fits all tractors that have 42 inches and 46 inches side discharge decks. Namely, the capacity of this bagger is 6.5 bushel and you can definitely use it without any complications.

Also, this bagger is made out of the finest materials in the USA which really boost the quality and the overall performance.


  • Lightweight and easy to empty.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • An awesome capacity of 6.5 bushels.


  • Assembly is required. 

7) John Deere 42" MCS

John Deere 42" MCS is made out of the most durable materials and it has a pretty big capacity of 6.5 bushels. Also, this bagger is totally compatible with every D series of John Deere lawn mowers.

Never the less, the easy-to-clean features will make it easy to use and clean this bagger as long as you use it correctly. 


  • An outstanding capacity of 6.5 bushels.
  • Easily usable and attachable.
  • Great for the big mows.


  • It is a bit heavy.


In the light of everything we said above, we can only add that all these baggers are definitely worth the money and they have pretty much good value for the cash. Namely, it is only up to you to decide which bagger to get. 

All in all, you can’t go wrong with any of these baggers, but choose one that fits you the most.

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